Presently, Immunor’s resources are focusing on vaccine projects covering various infectious diseases. These will typically be partnered at research/preclinical stage or during phase I/II development stages. Until now, the following projects are under development:

Immunor vaccine projects


A preventive vaccine against SARS-CoV-2. A new publication has been accepted by QRB Discovery, on May 29, 2020.


Immunor and Bionor Holding have entered into a partnership for developing a functional cure for HIV.


A multi-season flu vaccine that combines T-cell and humoral responses towards common antigens on Influenza B strains.


A preclinical stage vaccine candidate which combines conserved antigens from the nucleocapsid and the envelope glycoproteins.

Vacc-Diab1 – Enterovirus

Enteroviruses are gradually becoming more and more interesting targets – papers suggest association type 1 diabetes. Identification and design of antigens with neutralizing properties are ongoing.

Vacc-Ct1 – Human Herpesvirus 5 – CMV

CMV’s association with glioblastoma and together with several publications indicating an association between CMV and other cancer forms makes our CMV vaccine antigen research existing and essential for future patients’ benefits.

Vacc-RedCx – The vaccine against Periodontitis-causing bacteria

An antibody vaccine project for targeting the bacteria constituting the red-complex have been established.


Middle East Respiratory Syndrome – a project to support the development of specific diagnostic assays.