Company time line

1999Vacc-4x first human trials
2000Vaccine development spun off and Bionor Immuno AS established
2004Grant of Vacc-4x patent in US
2010-2011Vacc-4x demonstrated a reduction of viral load (secondary endpoint) of 64% in a 135-patient placebo controlled, randomized Phase II trial. Primary endpoints in the study not met so development put on hold until analysis of secondary endpoints were known.
2011Research agreement with Celgene of Phase II trial of Revlimid and Vacc-4x
2012Vacc-C5 first human trials – Phase I/II trial initiated
2012Grant of funds from GLOBVAC and initiation of the Vacc-4x Phase II Reboost trial
2013Launch of «Shock & Kill» therapeutic strategy
2014Immunor AS incorporated in Norway (22 October)
2015Romidepsin supply agreement with Celgene for BIOSKILL clinical trial
2015Successful completion of the treatment phase of the REDUC clinical trial
2018Preclinical proof of concept CRX (HIV Entry inhibitor)
2020Biovacc-19 patent submitted (precursor to BioVac-19R)
2020Biovacc-19 Preclinical study
2020Preclinical study of Vacc-C5 with new adjuvant
2021Licence agreement with Vulsana Ltd to develop neuropathy-wound healing injectable drug
2023Development agreement with Professor Cecilia Nauclér on CMV oncogenic virus therapies
2023All research and patents gathered under the Immunor platform
Bionor Holding AS, with its subsidiary Bionor Immuno, is the result of a carve out of the HIV therapeutic research and related patents from the former company known as Bionor Pharma ASA (listed on Oslo Stock exchange from 2010, OSE:BIONOR). Bionor Pharma was a Norwegian biopharmaceutical company whose primary goal was to advance its proprietary therapeutic vaccine Vacc-4x in combination with other medicines toward a functional HIV cure.